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Accurate Court Reporting, Inc. is a leader in the court reporting services industry. Our success is from over 20 years to communities in the US and worldwide. We have taken that time to establish ourselves as one of the first agencies to embrace new technologies in court reporting that not only profit top law firms, but insurance companies and government agencies around the world.

Below is a summary of our powerful lineup of  judicial reporting and conferencing services.

Court Reporting

Court Reporting is a difficult trade, which is why we only hire skillful and professional reporters to cover our court reporting jobs. Learn More about our Court Reporting Services.

Video Conferencing

Accurate Court Reporting, Inc. can connect two or more conference rooms for a two-way conversation as if you are in the same room.

Transcription Services

We offer 97% or higher quality transcription as part of our full line of court reporting services, along with a dedicated reporting team experienced in the transcription of all audio and video formats.

Real-Time Reporting

Our real-time reporting, another great court reporting service, allows you to view simultaneous transcription on your laptop directly from the court reporter's stenograph machine via bluetooth or cable hookup.

Legal Video Services

Recording testimony for trial is one of the original uses of legal video. Objections can be ruled upon prior to trial by the presiding judge, therefore allowing the jurors to not be distracted by legal arguments and objections.

Audio Forensics

Our audio forensics team specializes in transforming unintelligible (hard to hear) audio into intelligible (easy to hear) audio. Our audio technicians take a multi-step process in making your audio clear and intelligible.

Our company offers affordable and highly professional services, but with a personal touch. We do this through our Accurate Client Advantage program. Through this program, we make it our top priority that you are treated like a person and not like a number. Our staff of highly trained associates will answer your calls and have your emails promptly responded to by a real person. We want to make sure we go the extra mile for you when it comes to giving you the best in court reporting services. As a client of Accurate Court Reporting, Inc. you are considered an irreplaceable part of our success and business.

Our Services

Accurate Court Reporting, Inc., with headquarters based in New York and Florida, provides professional court reporters and legal videographers. In our 20 plus years experience, we've earned an excellent reputation in court reporting using leading-edge technology and fully trained and certified court reporters.

Why Work With Us

20 Plus Years’ Doesn't Happen by Chance! When you allow us to provide you with excellent, timely, and intelligent customer service, we pledge to give you the Accurate Client Advantage™.

This program centers around our over-arching pledge to provide you with a level of care that illustrates the high value we place on meeting and exceeding your organization’s unique situational needs.

Our Philosophy

We understand that in the “legal profession,” time is of the essence and livelihoods are at stake. Our goal is to save you time and money by taking on the stress involved with scheduling, facilitating, and recording legal proceedings.

And because all of our transcription, video, and reporter services are performed “in-house” there is no need calling multiple companies to inquire about your subsequent printing, formatting, or media related needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? Because of our vast nationwide network of reporters located in your vicinity, we are located in nearly every US State. We unfortunately do not service Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Do you offer same day or next day service?
Yes, for the vast majority of locations we do indeed offer same and next day services. There may be an exception from time to time, but give us a call today and our customer care team will quickly find out and get back to you.

How much do you cost?
When you call or request a quote, your “Accurate” customer care representative will be happy to issue you a quote based on your unique and individual needs. Best of all, because we provide A to Z Concierge Level care, there’s no need to call multiple companies.

To Learn More About The Court Reporting Industry...
Please feel free to visit Bryan University, or visit this wiki.

What Other Are Saying

lawfirm logo"If you ever need assistance getting a court reporter or videographer for a deposition out of state, I highly recommend Accurate Court Reporting. I had to set a couple of depositions in Georgia and I contacted them. They were very helpful and found me a court reporter and videographer the same day and even gave me suggestions for a location."

-Samantha A. Waldridge
Legal Assistant at Middleton Reutlinger


department of corrections"Again thank you for the excellent service you had provided to us during the entire hearing process. It's been a real pleasure to have worked with you. I hope there comes a time in the future when we will again work with one another."

-Butto, Samuel J Arbitrato
New York State Department Of Correctional Service

defense logistics agency"Per Attorney Dade he wanted me to send you an email and relay thank you for the excellent and professional service by your court reporter, your assistance and your company overall."

-Patricia Kolonoski
Defense Logistics Agency

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